The firm assists you on various issues in relation to the protection of personal data (GDPR):

  • “Privacy by design” advice
  • Compliance audit of your company
  • Definition of an action plan
  • Assistance in the implementation of corrective measures

– Advice for the compliance of your website
– Drafting, in coordination with your teams, of specific documentation: register of processing activities, impact analysis, internal procedures
– Updating sales documentation and customer contracts
– Review of subcontracts
– Advice on the measures to be implemented with regard to your employees
– Framework for the use of IT resources
– Etc …

  • Monitoring your company’s compliance
  • Outsourced DPO mission

Manon DASQUET  is certified by Bureau Veritas to assist you on these issues.

In order to offer you a global support, we work in partnership with a company specialised in IT security.